At a Glance: Political Parties of Germany

Have a look at my mindmap of the main parties in Germany and find out more about their ideology.

“You are about to meet a strange people in a strange country”

What are the Germans really like? A booklet published by the British authorities in 1944 tries to give answers. But, first and foremost, it cautions its readers against entering German territory.

How to start a new life in Germany? – a link list for refugees and new arrivals

While searching the internet on how to start a new life in Germany, I made the experience, that there are several websites for refugees. However, no web portal holds all the needed information.

The German ‘Pünktlichkeit’

When asked about the Germans’ main feature one of the first things that comes to one’s (either German or non-German) mind is punctuality. The German “Pünktlichkeit”. Well, there is definitely something to this, as I lately experienced.

What this is all about – the editorial plan

These are the topics I am going to write about in the next weeks, months, and – hopefully – years.


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