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Faces of Vietnam

Still, everything comes down to: black or white

Michael Brown, Jr. und Freddy Gray are just two names on a long list of blacks killed by US police officers. In fact, black people die due to police operations twice as often as people of other races. This is the most vital but not the only signal indicating that the gap between blacks and whites in North America still is huge.

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There is war


I admit I have completely lost track of the current armed conflicts in the world. Mass media don’t help me to solve this problem as they only follow recent trends. They focus on the one or the other conflict, but do not or probably cannot give an overview of everything that’s going on. On the other hand, if they do so, they only offer superficial information. So, where can I find the latest news about all the wars and violent conflicts in the world in 2015? Is there a map which gives an overall view AND the details – both based on reliable data? With these questions in mind, I searched the internet. And here is what I found so far:

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Will there be enough work for us in the future?


Usually, we don’t like to go to work. Instead of spending an average of ten hours per day in the office, we’d all prefer to do things which are more fun, more interesting, or at least less exhausting. But that’s what we think and say when we actually are employed. What happens, if we aren’t?

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Working Vietnam

Editing this post I stumbled upon another ‘Working Vietnam’-picture gallery by filmmaker, photographer, and illustrator Vincent Baumont, which is definitely worth watching: