Photos and Stories by Sonja Schlusche

Photos and Stories by Sonja Schlusche

Photos and Stories by Sonja Schlusche


Große Erwartungen

Zuflucht Deutschland

In der Hoffnung auf ein besseres Leben kommen minderjährige Flüchtlinge nach Deutschland. Bleiben dürfen nur wenige. read more

woman with a spindle


Though living standards have improved during the last decades, indigenous people are still disadvantaged in terms of income, employment, education, and health care. read more

Black or white

Black or White

Black people die due to police operations twice as often as people of other races. This is the most vital but not the only signal indicating that the gap between blacks and whites in North America still is huge. read more


Technical Unemployment

A job is a privilege and will be even more so in the future, given that the total number of jobseekers worldwide is 201 million today and is forecast to reach 212 million by 2019. read more


Children of Vietnam

In rural Vietnam a considerable amount of children suffer poverty, a lack of education, and poor future prospects. Additionally, in some of the country’s regions infants have to cope with severe health problems caused by the usage of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. read more


AIDS is not over

Indeed, AIDS isn’t over yet – although the United Nations recently announced its goal to abolish HIV and AIDS by 2030. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? But is this really achievable within the next 15 years? Or is this just a well accomplished campaign, happily adopted by the media? read more

Street Photography

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I am a thirty something and a social media professional. Whenever possible I leave Germany and travel the globe. This website is where I share my travel photos as well as my two cents about the living conditions worldwide.